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Weld Engineering AP-1 Flux Recovery

  • Part #: WEL AP-1

New Weld Engineering AP-1 Flux Recovery System

  • Model AP-1 
  • Adds no oil or water to the flux since flux is never in compressed air stream
  • Vacuum air pump is on exhaust side and undesirable contaminants, fines and dust are discharged into a very efficient dust bag assembly
  • No moving parts in air pump, and no internal filters to wear out
  • Direct recycling of flux back to hopper
  • Sight window in AP-1 and hopper for easy flux level indication
  • Very efficient air pump produces a higher vacuum, uses less air, and is quieter than most competitive models
  • Versatile, with quick attach options
  • Input power: compressed air @ 70-100 psi (No electric input required)
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Includes: 5′ hose, hopper mounting brackets, sight window for hopper, dust bag, and NZ-1 flux pick up nozzle
  • Fits on Standard Lincoln and Miller flux hopper s
  • Optional accessories include:
    • FHM-1 Flux hose mounting bracket
    • FP-1 Flux port for adding new flux to hopper
    • Magnetic separator
    • Additional hose lengths

Mount on the Manipulator of your choice! 

The Weld Engineering AP-1 Flux Recovery System is an inexpensive solution for flux recovery. Furthermore this system is auto-pneumatic and requires no input power. This unit can be easily mounted on standard Miller or Lincoln sub arc hoppers. Also, common accessories include mounting brackets, flux ports and magnetic separators.

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