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Webb Universal Foot Pedal For Turning Rolls

  • Part #: WEBFSFRV

Webb Universal Foot Pedal

  • Model WEB FS FRV
  • Variable speed forward/stop/reverse foot switch
  • Works with all late model Webb turning rolls that have a 7 pin screw on pendant cover
  • Two foot pedals
  • One switch is maintained, push once for forward, push second time for reverse
  • The other is spring loaded and will start the machine and control the speed
  • To connect remove the 7 pin pendant cable from the pendant and connect it to the foot switch
  • The selector on the machine would stay in the pendant position

The Webb Universal Foot Pedal replaces the pendant to allow the welder full function and control of speed, and forward, stop, reverse directional settings. This foot pedal does it all and uses the same cable lead used for the pendant. When the welder wants a hands free control of all functions of the Webb Turning Rolls this foot pedal is the answer. Durable design and unique to the welding turning roll standard foot pedals.

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