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Seam Tracker System – Arc Products

  • Part #: 6x6 Seam Tracker

Seam Tracker System – Arc Products

  • Simple programming and operator interface
  • Integrates with power supplies and multi-process controllers
  • Seam Tracker has sequencing capabilities to control the entire weld cycle
  • Arc Products Controls stores up to 19 weld programs
  • Used for tanks, cylinder and pressure vessel fabrication
  • Seam tracker for following weld seam either up and down or right to left.
  • Wide range of seam tracker slides for weld seam distance and weld head weight.

Arc Products tactile seam tracking system automates weld joint tracking for Sub Arc, MIG or TIG arc welding processes. In automated welding applications, adding a seam tracker will greatly benefit the accuracy of where the welding bead is being laid down such as between two pieces of beveled pipe. This welding automation tool improves quality and consistency while reducing welder fatigue. Standard systems or customized seam trackers are available to fit your circumferential or longitudinal welding application.

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