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Profax Pro III TIG Wire Feeder

  • Part #:  PROCWF3

 Profax Pro III TIG Wire Feeder

  • Feed pen and lead – 8’ length standard, standard type liner for all wire applications, standard type feed tips, SW-1 switch for on/off wire control.
  • Wire capacity – .030” to 1/16”
  • Spool capacity – Standard 12” spools. Adapter for 4” one pound spools available.
  • Wire speed range – Infinitely variable from 10 to 240 IPM
  • Weight – 33 lbs.

This Profax Pro III TIG Wire Feeder will improve your productivity by eliminating stops caused by cut length wire. It eliminates end waste of cut length filler metal, an average savings of 10 to 20%. By purchasing this unit you will reduce the cost of filler metal by utilizing spooled wire instead of cut length. The high frequency protection ensures reliability in all TIG applications. The PRO II TIG is less than half the cost of most TIG cold wire feed systems on the market today. The low operating cost utilizes standard feed tips, standard liners, and standard momentary switch on feed pen. The PRO II Tig ships complete and includes feed pen and 8’ lead, drive rolls, power cord and plug for 110 VAC input power.

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