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Pandjiris 61P Powered Compound Cross Slide

  • Part #: PAN 61P

Pandjiris 61P Powered Compound Cross Slide

  • 200 lb. capacity at 6” center of gravity
  • 6” vertical stroke and 6” horizontal stroke
  • Motorized constant speed travel
  • Joystick control
  • Shipping weight 150 lbs.

A Pandjiris 61P Powered Compound Cross Slide is essential for the proper alignment of the torch to the weld area. Pandjiris slides assure you that the torch will be accurately positioned with a smooth easy stroke. They may be used vertically or horizontally so they can be easily compounded. Mounted on manipulators, side beams, or other torch articulation equipment, these heavy-duty slides are ideal for fine horizontal and vertical adjustments to the torch. The Pandjiris slides are in stock and ready to mount onto the new or used equipment of your choice. Call our expert sales team for more information on how we can streamline your work for increased productivity! 800-288-9414.

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