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MeltTools MeltView DART II Camera

  • Part #: MLT DART-25

MeltTools MeltView DART II Camera 

  • Welding processes: Tig, Mig, Flux Cored & Plasma
  • Applications: Manipulators, Lathes, Seamers & Carriage Welding
  • Automatic switching between arc-on and arc-off modes
  • Camera displays directly to monitor
  • Integrated protection and lighting
  • Temperature rating
    • No cooling: 0°C – 50°C 
    • Water cooled: 0°C – 300°C 
  • Illumination: Integrated LED
  • Image 1920×1080
  • Power: 24 VDC via controller 
  • Video output signal: HD-SDI

Pair with an optional seam tracker! 

The MeltTools MeltView DART II Camera is a robust industrial weld monitoring solution. In addition,  its image quality, simple operation and value are some of its greatest features. Also, the MeltView DART is employed to monitor arc welding applications at working distances between 4″ and 20″ (100-500 mm) at temperatures up to 300°C. Lastly, this unit works with the GTAW, GMAW, PAW and FGAW processes. In conclusion, this accessories is a great way to help automate your welding system!

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