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Jetline Cold Wire Feeder Model CWF10AU

  • Part #: JETCWF10AU

Jetline Cold Wire Feeder Model CWF10AU

  • .020 to .093 wire diameter capacity
  • 3 to 150 IPM wire speed feed range
  • 10 turn dial for precise wire speed setting
  • Forward and reverse manual jog
  • Adjustable wire retract at the end of the feed cycle

This Jetline Cold Wire Feeder Model CWF10AU is designed to supply filler metal into the weld puddle during GTAW or PAW. Cold wire feeders provide more accurate wire feed at lower speeds and are specially insulated for the GTAW or PAW environment. Jetline cold wire feeders are primarily used for gas tungsten arc welding (TIG) and plasma arc welding (PAW). They can also be used in other applications where a controlled feed of wire is required such as a brazing operation.

Cold wire feeding is used in the welding process for four purposes:

  1. To add “fill” to a weld joint. The wire is used to fill a chamfered weld preparation or to add reinforcement for a butt weld.
  2. To enhance or preserve the metallurgical integrity of the weld metal by selecting the wire type to add the required elements to the weld or to replace those which are lost as a result of the welding operation.
  3. To control the weld pool by the chilling action of the wire, especially in out-of-position weld applications. The chilling effect reduces the weld pool size for easier control.

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