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Cyclomatic Precision TIG Wire Feed System

  • Part #: AA161113

Cyclomatic Precision TIG Wire Feed System

  • Cyclomatic cold wire feeder control, wire manipulator and wire drive unit.
  • Exact wire input can be tracked and maintained for high precision applications.
  • Stepper motor for exact wire input
  • Wire delivery speed from .1-300 IPM
  • Remote inputs to Start/Stop, Wire feed, Remote jog
  • Jog forward/reverse
  • 4 axis wire guide manipulator
  • Wire diameter capacity of .020”-.062”
  • 4 geared drive roll system
  • Integrates easily with Direct Arc & AVC-5
  • 115V/230 VAC 1PH
  • Serial # 07080090/10100057
  • Shipping weight: 25 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions: 3′ L x 3′ W x 1′ H
  • MINT Condition – never been used

The Cyclomatic Precision TIG Wire Feed System is easy to program and integrates with a wide range of power supplies and torches for assembling turn-key automation systems. These Cyclomatic cold wire feed systems are designed for accurate application of filler wire into the weld or braze area. The exact wire input can be tracked and maintained for high precision applications. The Digital Wire Feed System is made up of a positive feeding wire drive with a zero backlash 3-axis wire manipulator. These systems will accommodate wire sizes from .020”  to .062” and feed at an adjustable rate, continuously variable from 0 to 300 inches per minute.

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