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Cyclomatic Magnetic Arc Oscillator Control

  • Part #: CYC80AU
  • Condition: Used

Cyclomatic Magnetic Arc Oscillator Control

  • Model CYC 80AU 
  • 0 – 50 oscillations per second
  • Provides even heat distribution
  • Prevents undercutting
  • Eliminates excessive porosity
  • Ensures penetration and evens out weld puddle by creating a magnetic field around the arc to precisely position, oscillate and stabilize it
  • System includes just the controller no probe

This refurbished Cyclomatic Magnetic Arc Oscillator Control has been tested. There are several variations of welding probes that can be used on this particular unit. Choose the correct Cyclomatic Magnetic Arc Oscillator probe for your welding application. Give Weld Plus a call for details on how this control can help you improve your welds. We pride ourselves on finding the perfect welding solution to fit your needs. Call 800-288-9414 and speak to one of our knowledgeable sales staff and ask us how Weld Plus can streamline your work for increased productivity. We Know Welding!!

Cyclomatic Magnetic Arc Oscillator Control

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