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Refurbished Lincoln Precision TIG 375 Package

  • Part #: U1070100369

Refurbished Lincoln Precision TIG 375 Package  

  • 375 amps of welding output at 40% duty cycle (350 amps at 60%)
  • Processes: Stick, TIG (AC/DC)
  • AC Auto Balance automatically provides the optimal mix of cleaning and penetration for welding on aluminum.
  • Advanced Pulse Control minimizes material distortion from excessive heat input and can help moderate filler metal deposition for consistent bead appearance.
  • Complete Package Includes: Running gear, cylinder rack, 20’ tig torch, 12’ ground lead, and 30’ stinger lead.
  • 208/230/460V, 1-PH

The Refurbished Lincoln Precision TIG 375 Package to weld thicker materials at higher duty cycles. This machine has a built-in TIG pulser that can be activated to help control reduce distortion and burn-through in thinner materials. Common applications for the Precision TIG 375 include Fabrication, Aerospace, Production, Motorsports, and Vocational Education. The Lincoln Precision TIG 375 gives you the versatility to weld both thick and thin materials without sacrificing quality.

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