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Miller AC/DC Digital Submerged Arc Package

  • Part #: MILDIGITAL

Miller Digital Submerged Arc Package 

  • 1,000 amps at 100% duty cycle
  • Capable of running single-arc or tandem arc configurations (DC lead arc and AC trail arc).
  • Enhanced arc stability from built-in digital arc control for increased throughput.
  • Precise parallel operations for multi-arc and higher output Submerged Arc welding configurations.
  • Modbus Connection for easy integration.
  • Complete Sub Arc Package Includes: Miller AC/DC digital power supply, Miller Subarc Interface Digital, Subarc 400 Wire Drive, 1,200 amp torch, spool support assembly, wire straightener (1/16”-3/16”), Heavy duty cross slide, Flux Hopper, 30’ control cable, 10’ motor extension and 80’ cable extension.
  • Controls include run-in, speed, burn back, crater time and output rates.
  • 3 year Miller warranty
  • Input power: 460V, 3-PH (Draws 122 amps at 460V)

The Miller Digital Submerged Arc package utilizes digital control and communication electronics designed to improve weld performance and simplify integration in advanced applications. By utilizing multiple arcs this machine is able to increase deposition rates, resulting in shorter welding cycles for thick weldments without compromising quality. Also, in multiple arc configurations, the system automatically adjusts the phase shifting between power sources thereby eliminating arc interaction. With Modbus connection, this package can be easily integrated to a number of complex automated systems. This is a complete package and includes a 3 year Miller warranty.
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