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Lincoln TIG 300/300 Power Supply

  • Part #: LIN TIG300
  • Condition: Used

Lincoln TIG 300/300 Power Supply 

  • 300 amps of welding output at 60% duty cycle (AC/DC)
  • Processes: TIG and Stick
  • Digital ammeter and voltmeter for precise feedback.
  • Controls include: After flow timer, current control, and electrode polarity.
  • 115V, 15 amps, duplex auxiliary power receptacle makes it easy to power lights, grinders and other shop tools at your work station.
  • 208/230/460 volts, 1-phase (117 amps draw at 230V)
  • Complete Packages available! 

The Lincoln TIG 300/300 Power Supply provides 300 amps of welding output at 60% duty cycle. Available welding processes include DC TIG, AC TIG, and Stick welding. The Lincoln TIG 300/300 is a transformer based power supply for long lasting life. Available accessories on this refurbished machine include: TIG torches (air cooled and water cooled), electrode holders, flowmeters, cable covers, grounds, and cabling.  Ask an associate today for pricing on a complete TIG package!

Lincoln TIG 300
Lincoln TIG 300
Lincoln TIG 300
Lincoln TIG 300

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