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Fronius TransTig 170/210 Portable Welder

  • Part #: FRO TRANSTIG

New Fronius TransTig 170/210 Portable Welder

  • Two available models: 170 and 210
  • 170 amp welding current at 40% duty cycle (170)
  • 210 amp welding current at 40% duty cycle (210)
  • Rugged carrying case 
  • TAC function: the pulsed arc sets the two weld pools in motion, making them jump together in next to no time, to make one single weld-pool
  • HF Ignition: The touchless and gentle high-frequency ignition is the easiest option for igniting the arc
  • Touchdown ignition can be used for sensitive application areas
  • Fronius Power Plug: A watertight, lockable connector on the back of the power source that can be changed quickly
  • Tig Multi Connector: The universal connection for system components gives the user cross-product advantages
  • Complete package includes: power supply, tig torch, ground assembly, electrode holder, power cord and more!
  • Fronius TransTig Brochure

The new Fronius TransTig 170/210 Portable Welder produces a perfect, stable arc. In addition, the welders light weight designed allows it to be easily transported. HF ignition, TAC mode and touchdown ignition are just a couple reasons why this portable tig welder is the best on the market. Furthermore, the included tig torch has a ergonomic low profile design. Lastly the control panel has a simple seven- segment display that provide the operator with countless options. Give Weld Plus a call today to see how you can get the best portable tig welder on the market at an affordable price!

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