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Fronius TransSteel Pulse MIG Welder

  • Part #: FRO TST-PULSE

New Fronius TransSteel Pulse MIG Welder

  • Models: TransSteel 3000 Compact Pulse, TransSteel 4000 Pulse, TransSteel 5000 Pulse
  • Weld processes: MIG, MAG, Pulse MIG & SynchroPulse
  • Multiprocess models include TIG & Stick
  • SynchroPulse: for welding aluminum alloys
  • Rippled seam appearance when using SynchroPulse
  • Spot mode is perfect for tac welding
  • Save up to five sets of welding parameters
  • Fronius System Connector enables a variety of welding torches to be connected
  • Materials compatible with pulse: Steel, Stainless, FCW, Metal Cored, CuSi, ER5xxx and ER4xxx
  • 3 year mfg warranty!
  • 7 different models to choose from
  • Complete MIG packages include:
    • Running gear
    • Wire feeder (Internal with TransSteel 3000)
    • Ergonomic MIG gun
    • Interconnecting cables

Ideal for welding aluminum alloys! 

This Fronius TransSteel Pulse MIG welder produces high quality pulsed welds on aluminum alloys. In addition, the TransSteel can save up to five welding programs. Complete packages are available for MIG, TIG and Stick welding processes. Furthermore, Spot mode allows the operator to consistently tac weld parts together. Included with every new Fronius purchase is a full 3 year warranty! Multiple models are available to fit a wide range of applications. Upgrade your Millermatic 350P to a new TransSteel 3000C Pulse package!

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