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Fronius Transpocket 180 Battery Powered Welder Stick Package

  • Part #: FRO TRANS-180

Fronius Transpocket 180 Battery Powered Welder Stick Package

  • Highly Portable and Rugged design
  • Welding Amps DC Stick 10 – 120 A
  • Welds at 120 A @ 40% duty cycle
  • Adjustable Arc Stick Condition for 6010 up though 7018 Electrode
  • Digital power correction technology
  • Dual voltage design (110 and 230)
  • Perfect starts, no sticking
  • Consistent welds 300+ feet from outlet
  •  Included Powerbox 180
  • Complete Package Includes: Electrode Holder, Ground Clamp and Heavy Duty Carrying Case
  • TIG welding capabilities with optional TIG package! 
  • 3 year parts & labor warranty
  •  Weight: 19 lbs
  • Watch a YouTube review on this product!

The new Fronius Transpocket 180 Battery Powered Welder Stick package stands for maximum energy efficiency. Hence lower energy consumption means lower energy costs. Its unique PFC (Power Factor Correction), allows operators to extend up to 300 ft. of primary cable without affecting welding results. Therefore, this massively expands the action radius for the welder.

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