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Fronius TPS 320i Welding Package

  • Part #: UTS 32380284

Used Fronius TPS 320i Welding Package

  • Duty Cycles: 320A at 40%, 260A at 60% and 220A at 100% 
  • Touch Screen Controls 
  • Pulse Multi Control for pulse MIG welding 
  • Low Spatter Control for high deposition rates and lower spatter
  • MIG current range: 3 – 320A
  • MIG voltage range: 14.2 – 30
  • 460 volts, 3-phase 
  • Complete Package Includes: 
    • 4 Roll Wire Feeder 
    • CMT Push Pull Mig Gun
    • 13.1 ft Ground
    • Running Gear 

Excellent Condition! 

This Fronius TPS 320i Welding Package is designed to increase your productivity with new, advanced processes. First of all it comes equipped with Low Spatter Control (LSC) which is a revolutionary process that provides high deposition rates with low spatter. Another feature this MIG welder has is Pulse Multi Control (PMC) which has redefined pulse welding. The Fronius TPS/i system keeps the arc length shorter for increased stability, deeper penetration and reduced heat input.

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