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72″ Used Pandjiris Seam Welder

  • Part #: S240106

Used Pandjiris Seam Welder Model 72E-6-36

  • Model 72E-6-36
  • 72” welding length plus 3” overtravel at each end for run-on/ run-off tabs
  • Minimum part diameter of 6”
  • Maximum part diameter of 36”
    • Can be increased with optional risers
  • Machined side beam with rack and pinion travel carriage
  • Gas purged copper back up bar
  • Water cooled mandrel
  • Material thickness range of .020 to ⅜”
  • 3” wide aluminum fingers with copper tips
  • Dual foot pedal for finger clamping actuation
    • Requires a clean 90 psi input 
  • Air interlock prevents clamping when mandrel latch is open
  • Legs to be built/installed upon sale 
  • Input power: 115V, 1 Phase
  • Optional Accessories: 
    • SigmaTouch weld sequence controller
    • Risers to accommodate larger vessels
    • Part hard stop
    • Pneumatic torch lifter
    • 3 gallon water circulator for mandrel
    • Pneumatic seam alignment gauges
    • Continuous copper finger tips

Ready to be rebuilt with the welding process of your choice! 

This Used Pandjiris Seam Welder is ready to be rebuilt to fit your needs. Upon rebuilding our service team would install a new panel, foot control and carriage motor. Furthermore, industrial grade paint would be applied to withstand a tough shop environment.  This seamer is available for sales with or without welding equipment. In addition, Weld Plus can install the welding process of your choice. Up your seam welding game and give Weld Plus a call today!

Furthermore, if you have any questions about this item call our toll free number at 800-288-9414. Our sales staff is available to assist with any questions that you may have. Also, you can email our sales staff at sales@weldplus.com.

In conclusion, We encourage you to get a firsthand look at this machine by visiting our 44,000 square foot facility!

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