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Used 72 Inch Jetline Longitudinal Welding Seamer

  • Part #: S230202

Used 72 Inch Jetline Longitudinal Welding Seamer

  • 78″ total clamping/welding length
  • Minimum part diameter capacity of 6.0″
  • Maximum part diameter capacity of 32″
    • Can be increased with a riser
  • 3″ wide aluminum fingers with copper tips
  • Variable speed travel carriage
  • Precision round ways for smooth travel
  • Gas purged back-up bar
  • Toe strip finger clamping
  • Approximate shipping weight 5,300 lbs.
  • Optional Accessories:
    • sigmatouch weld sequence controller
    • Risers to accommodate larger vessels
    • Part hard stop
    • Pneumatic torch lifter

Outfit with the weld package of your choice! 

This Used 72 Inch Jetline Longitudinal Welding Seamer is designed to perform precision longitudinal seam welds. Additionally, as a used unit, this Jetline is in great condition and has a great frame to it. Furthermore, upon sale, we would completely rebuild this unit and mount the appropriate welding process to fit the customer’s needs. Welding process’ that can be integrated by Weld Plus include: MIG, TIG, Sub Arc, Plasma and K Tig. Additionally, weld process controls be integrated to tie in the welding process with the carriage functions.  Finally, this Jetline LWS-72 seam welder is ideal for any customer looking to automate longitudinal welds.

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