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Pro-Fect Flat Sheet Seam Welder

  • Part #: S190801

Pro-Fect Flat Sheet Seam Welder – 16 foot 

  • 16’ clamping and welding length
  • 1/4“ to 1-1/2” thickness clamping range
  • Rack and pinion driven variable speed travel carriage from 5-45 IPM 
  • Analog weld and carriage control
  • Igus Cable Management
  • 6” wide aluminum fingers
  • Copper back up bar
  • Pneumatic part clamping actuation
  • Footswitch for alligator style opening 
  • Flat sheet support panels on sides
  • Welding packages available 
  • 220V, single phase

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This 16 foot Pro-Fect Seam Welder is designed to give you the ability to produce quality welded seams on metal sheets. In addition, a clamping device holds the sheet material near the welded seam so the material has little room to move or twist out of position while the seam is being welded. Also, the fingers act like a heat sink which pulls the excess heat energy away from the part to minimize the heat affected zone (HAZ). Therefore, reducing the risk of warping the material from heat. This seamer also has an alligator style opening which allows for easy part loading. In conclusion, this Pro-Fect Automation Seam Welder is a cost effective solution to your flat sheet welding needs! Check out our welding accessories section!

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