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Pandjiris Model 72 E-36 External Seam Welder

  • Part #: S170102

Pandjiris Model 72 E 36 External Seam Welder

  • 78” total welding/clamping length capacity
  • 6” minimum diameter capacity
  • 58” maximum diameter capacity with current 24” riser
  • 3” wide aluminum fingers
  • Equipped with a 13’ extended side beam for the ability to integrate circumferential welding applications
  • Pandjiris model VSC 15-3 rack & pinion variable speed carriage from 0-100 IPM
  • 2” vertical x 2” horizontal manual cross slides
  • Miller spherical torch angle adjuster
  • Water cooled mandrel
  • Solid copper back-up bar
  • Plate alignment device
  • Spatter guards
  • Dual air bags w/ front and back foot pedals for clamping
  • Shipping dimensions: 13’ long x 4’ wide x 7’ high
  • Shipping weight: 4,100 lbs.

This Pandjiris Model 72 E 36 External Seam Welder provides 78” of welding length for longitudinal seam welding applications. This includes a 13’ extended side beam, which gives the operator the ability to use the carriage for circumferential welding. The seamer is currently configured with a Miller Automatic 1DA for MIG welding but it can be rebuilt to fit the customers preferred weld process. This also has a plate alignment device to allow for easy and accurate part loading. In addition, with a 24” riser, the seamer is capable of welding cylinders up to 58” in diameter. In conclusion, this seam welder is ready to be rebuilt to fit your longitudinal welding needs.

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