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OConnor Internal Flat Sheet Weld Seamer

  • Part #: S111104

OConnor Internal Flat Sheet Weld Seamer

  • 138” welding and clamping length
  • .125 to 1” clamping range
  • For flat sheet or I.D. welding on cylinders with a 24” minimum I.D.
  • KAT Model GK-166 variable speed travel carriage and Model GRC-68 control
  • Lincoln LN-4 Sub arc welding system w/ flux hopper
  •  27” mandrel height
  • Dual arm pneumatic clamping
  • Serial #N/A

This OConnor Internal Flat Sheet Weld Seamer with sub arc welding equipment is designed for internal welding on tank shells. The machine is a very low profile design which greatly reduces the amount of ceiling clearance needed to weld the inside seams of tanks and pressure vessels. The seam welder is equipped with a Gullco KAT tractor which carries a Lincoln Sub Arc welding head down the length of this seam welding clamping fixture. This is low cost option to weld internal seams on tanks or flat sheet steel together. With such a small bed and welding apparatus, this machine can perform internal welding on pipe and tanks as small as 24″ diameter!

Welding on pipe that small is typically only achieved when using a more expensive welding manipulator arm. This machine uses locking pins to retain alignment when the part is clamped. Clamping pressure is achieved through a cable drawn system which uses an air cylinder to draw the bed tight against the backing plate.

Remember, we specialize in tank and pipe welding equipment systems. This machine can be inspected at our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can also choose to purchase this machine in the as-is condition for even deeper savings. We just encourage you to come to our facility and inspect the machine before doing so.  So give us a call or stop in and see us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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