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Jetline Used 144 Inch Welding Seamer

  • Part #: S190207

Jetline Used 144 Inch Welding Seamer

  • Model LWS-144Zjetline
  • 144” clamping and welding length
  • 96” maximum part diameter capacity with current riser
  • 12-1/4” minimum part diameter capacity
  • Igus cable management track and tray
  • Water cooled mandrel
  • Copper gas purge back up bar
  • Welding equipment includes: Jetline 9500 controller, ALC-201V6E arc length controller, CWF-10-4R cold wire feeder, PC-300 pulse control, 2 ea. three gallon coolant pumps, WP-27B Weldcraft water cooled torch and Syncrowave 351 TIG welder
  • 3” wide aluminum fingers with copper tips
  • Shipping dimensions: 228”L  x 72”W x 150”H
  • Shipping weight: 14,000 lbs.
  • S/N: 940359

This Jetline Used 144 Inch Welding Seamer is great for performing longitudinal welds on large tanks up to 8’ in diameter. This seam welder is outfitted with Jetline TIG welding equipment and is in working condition! The Jetline equipment includes a 9500 process controller, ALC-201 arc length controller and CWF-10 cold wire feeder. The Jetline LWS-144Z seam welder is a cost effective solution for longitudinal seam welding! Call 800-288-9414 for more information on this or any of our equipment!
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