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Jetline LWS-120 10′ Seam Welder

  • Part #: S210407C

Rebuilt Jetline LWS-120 10′ Seam Welder 

  • 126” longitudinal clamping length
  • 120” longitudinal welding length
  • Extended side beam to allow for circumferential welding on the right side
  • 8” min part diameter
  • 8’ max part diameter with included risers
  • 3” Wide individual aluminum hold down fingers w/ copper tips (Pneumatically actuated)
  • Dual pneumatic foot pedal and hand pendant for clamping control
  • Gas purged back up bar
  • Water cooled mandrel with 4 gallon water circulator
  • Two plate alignment devices
  • 2” manual horizontal slide for torch adjustment
  • 360° manual rotation slide
  • Igus cable management track and tray
  • 115 volt Input Power
  • Serial number 950326
  • Sigmatouch Touchscreen Weld Sequence Control
    • This will control arc on/off, linear travel speed, auto/manual mode, control
      circumferential weld, and turning rolls on/off and travel speed.
  • Jetline Arc Length Control
    • Assures consistent, high quality welds on AC or DC applications by
      controlling the arc gap (arc length) between the torch tip and work surface
    • The control measures arc voltage and compares the measurements to the operator setting
    • It maintains the set arc length by moving the torch up or down as required via a  6″ motorized slide assembly
  • Jetline Cold Wire Feed Package
    • Includes 9700 microprocessor control, 4-roll feed assembly and wire guide positioner
  • Miller Dynasty 400 Power Supply with water circulator

This complete TIG welding system is in pristine condition and ready to ship! 

This Jetline LWS-120 10′ Seam Welder was recently designed by Weld Plus for a customer welding aluminum tanks. Furthermore, we installed risers to allow this seamer to weld up to 8′ diameter tanks. A sigmatouch weld sequence controller controls arc on/off, carriage travel speed and more! Also, we integrated a Jetline TIG welding package that included a arc length control and cold wire feeder. This will allow the user to add filler metal when welding thicker materials while maintaining a consistent tip to work distance. Lastly an extended side beam was installed to allow for circumferential welding off the back of the seam welder.  This complete TIG welding system is in pristine condition and ready to ship!

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