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Jetline 156 Inch Combination Seam Welder

  • Part #: S190503P

Jetline 156 Inch Combination Seam Welder with Powered Elevating Bed

  • Model LWHC-156 Plasma/TIG Seam Welding System
  • Designed to weld Plasma Keyhole of square butt seam (up to ⅜” thick SS) followed by Cold Wire TIG weld to build reinforcement height of weld
  • Used to weld up to ⅜” thick stainless plates together from One Side using One Pass!
  • 156” clamping and welding length
  • 35” extended side beam can be used for circumferential welding
  • 12” minimum external part diameter capacity
  • Powered hydraulic lift with a 84” maximum external part diameter capacity
  • 55” minimum internal part diameter capacity
  • Rack and pinion driven variable speed travel carriage
  • Included equipment: Jetline Cold Wire Feeder, (2 ea) Jetline Arc Length Controllers, Thermal Arc WC100B, Miller Coolmate 3, Thermal Arc Circulator, Miller Maxstar 700, and Miller XMT 456
  • Included Controls: Jetline 8020 Magnetic Arc Osilator
  • Water cooled mandrel
  • Gas purged back up bar with deep groove design for plasma keyhole welding
  • Droop-style mandrel with ‘Crocodile’ opening for easy part loading
  • 3” wide aluminum fingers with replaceable copper tips
  • Hand pendant for pneumatic part clamping actuation
  • 460V, single phase
  • Shipping dimensions: 7’ 6” wide, 21’ long(including overhang), and 9’ 7” tall.  The base of the seamer is 7’ 6” wide by 14’ 7” long. The second pallet is 4’ by 7’ by 3’ 4” tall.
  • Shipping Weight: 23,000 lbs
  • S/N: 070358

This Jetline 156 Inch Combination Seam Welder with Powered Elevating Bed is great for welding cylinders of various size diameters. It also has a 35” extended side beam for performing circumferential welds. This Jetline seamer features a droop-style mandrel which can be hydraulically lowered to ease with the loading and unloading of cylinders. The weld carriage is currently outfitted with two welding processes (TIG and Plasma). The plasma process produces a key hole penetration fusion weld while the TIG process lays a cover  pass six inches behind the plasma to deposit reinforcement height. This dual process results in full penetration butt joint welds with a single pass! Give us a call today to discuss how this Jetline 156 Inch Elevating Seam Welder can help increase your productivity!

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