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Jetline 10 ft. External Seam Welder

  • Part #: S171207P

Jetline 10 ft External Seam Welder

  • LWS-120
  • 120” welding/clamping length capacity
  • 11” minimum diameter capacity
  • 32” maximum diameter capacity (Can be increased w/riser)
  • Hand pendent control for pneumatic finger clamping
  • 3” wide aluminum fingers w/ copper tips
  • Rack and pinion driven carriage that travels on precision round ways
  • Jetline SWC 3B Model 9026 carriage control (S/N: 86306)
  • A Jetline CWF 10A Model 9029 Cold Wire Feed (S/N: 8621)
  • Jetline ALC 101 96T Arc Length control (S/N: 86306) with 6” actuator (S/N: 86111)
  • 8” horizontal manual cross slide
  • Air cooled mandrel
  • Gas purge backup bar
  • Serial # 86306
  • shipping dimensions: 15’ long x 5’ wide x 9’ tall

This Jetline 10 ft External Seam Welder is a perfect example of American made equipment, built to last. This unit was manufactured in 1986 and is still in working condition today with all original welding controls.  This GTAW (TIG) seam welder is outfitted with a Jetline touch retract arc length controller and cold wire feeder, as well as a Jetline carriage control.  This unit can be sold refurbished with Weld Plus replacing airbags, pneumatic controls and other defective components. Therefore, we have the ability to install a variety of weld process to fit the user’s desired application. Call Weld Plus for more information on this machine. In addition we have multiple external seamers in stock in our warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio. 800- 288-9414 We Know Welding!!

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