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8 ft. Amet Vertical Variable Polarity Seamer

  • Part #: S130201

8 ft Amet Vertical Variable Polarity Seamer

  • System includes an Amet controller & operating console
  • Amet motor control center
  • An integrated Miller Dynasty 700 power supply
  • Custom gas control unit
  • Automatic arc voltage controller
  • 8’ x 8’ manipulator and 8’ vertical seamer bed
  • 4-roll wire feeder and all welding equipment
  • Excellent for welding aluminum
  • Purchased new in 2002 for OVER $300,000

This 8 ft Amet Vertical Variable Polarity Seamer is designed specifically to plasma weld cryogenic tanks and heavy wall vessel shells which require an uncompromising full penetration weld. The process that takes place with a system like this is called ‘Key-Hole Plasma’. Key hole plasma is a process in which a plasma arc is used to just punch through the surface of the base material creating a key hole shape. The plasma gas pressure used is just enough to create the hole but not so much that is blows material out of the seam. As the arc travels vertically up the seam, the molten material is held by surface tension and slowly flows down and behind the arc to solidify with adjoining sheet material. This process results in a full penetration weld by bringing both edges of the sheet material to a full molten state and allowing them to fuse completely with one another. The weld is essentially stacked on top of the previously molten material by using the newly solidified metal as reinforcement for the now molten material. All the while this is taking place, a wire feeder is adding additional weld filler material to the seam to add reinforcement and return alloys to the weld joint that were lost during the welding process. Now this machine takes the vertical seam welding a little further by using a variable polarity plasma power supply. This VP power source allows this machine to weld aluminum material which is commonly found in cryogenic vessels like Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and other liquefied gas tank rail cars and tank trailers. A welding machine like this greatly improves both the weld quality and the speed at which these shells can be welded. Another time savings benefit of using a machine like this, is that in most cases joint prep or beveling is not required.

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