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72 Inch Guild Coil Joiner Seamer Planisher

  • Part #: S131024

72 Inch Guild Coil Joiner Seamer Planisher

  • 72” welding/clamping length capacity
  • Hydraulic entry pinch rolls 6” x 88”
  • 3/8” maximum weld capacity
  • Hydraulic sheet hold down
  • Acme screw driven linear bearing tray for torch movement
  • Full length hydraulic planisher to smooth out and strengthen the weld. maximum planishing .135”
  • Hydraulic support tray for exiting piece
  • Hobart cyber-TIG 300 DCS welder
  • Job #cs-7881

This 72 Inch Guild Coil Joiner Seamer Planisher combination will quickly and efficiently join two coil ends together. This is an ‘in-place’ system which means that once the coils are joined the machine remains stationary. The equipment and heads used to perform the work are moved out of the way to increase the pass through envelope.  This provides unrestricted movement of the sheet material while being fed into the manufacturing line. This coil joining system has the benefits of an integrated planishing device.

This planisher uses a hardened wheel and backing bar to flatten the weld bead. You get several benefits by applying high pressure to the welded seam. The first of these is a lower weld bead profile height this allows the material to pass through a sheet fed system easier without binding. The second benefit is planishing acts as a stress relieving process. This post weld stress relief makes the weld seam more ductile so that further bending and manipulation of the material can be done without the material fracturing at the seam. The third benefit is that a planished weld seam is stronger than a seam that has had no post weld treatment. This is a result of high pressure wheel realigning the crystalline structure of the weld seam thus returning the properties of the base material to the weld joint.  This machine also has a pinch roller setup which allows precise feeding of the new sheet material so that the edge can be lined up much easier to the exiting coil sheet.


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