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72 inch Airline Seam Welder Side Beam LWS 72

  • Part #: S131022

72 inch Airline Seam Welder Side Beam LWS 72

  • 78” total welding/clamping length
  • 6” minimum part diameter
  • 56” maximum part diameter (currently has a 25” high riser that can be removed)
  • Equipped with om-48 carriage
  • Variable speed travel
  • J governor motion controller
  • Digimatic 2 control and wire feeder
  • 4 ½ inch manual horizontal and vertical adjustment slides
  • 5” pancake swivel for torch angle adjustment
  • Gas purged back up bar
  • Cable hanger
  • Choose your welding process
  • Serial # X91R-2220

This unique 72 inch Airline Seam Welder Side Beam LWS 72 seam welder/side beam combination allows the welding equipment to be used with multiple pieces of equipment in a number of different ways. Mount the seam welder bed onto some V wheel casters to slide it out of the way to make room for rotational equipment. Once you complete the long seam on the tank or pipe, mount the shell onto a positioner or lay it into a set of turning rolls to complete the seam for the tank head or pipe flange. This machine offers the opportunity for a huge savings on your welding equipment budget by making the same welding equipment used to weld the long seam available for other applications. This machine is ready for you to choose the welding process that best fits your needs.

Remember, we specialize in tank and pipe welding systems. We have side beams both in fixed height and adjustable height, both powered and manual. We also carry the equipment to handle the profile welding and cutting of nozzles and man-ways, to the complete U-12 tank welding station which incorporate turning rolls into the system. This item and all those you find on our website are located at Weld Plus in Cincinnati, Ohio. Stop in and have a look at our extensive inventory or give us a call 1-800-288-9414. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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