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200 KVA Acme Resistance Weld Seamer

  • Part #: SP131207

200 KVA Acme Resistance Weld Seamer

  • Acme
  • 200 KVA output
  • 28” throat dimension
  • 8” seam wheel
  • Water cooled
  • Single 6” diameter air cylinder
  • 6” stroke
  • Unitrol model 9180-400 control for all functions
  • 460 volt
  • Pneumatic
  • Serial # N/A
  • Shipping weight 4,200 lbs.

This used 200 KVA Acme Resistance Weld Seamer is designed for long seams on parts. All pinch type resistance welding requires that the parts overlap so that the two materials can be heated and pressed together for fusion. This particular machine uses two copper wheels which press together and carry the welding current through the overlapped parts. These wheels are powered and once clamped, they feed the material between the welding wheels. The weld wheels are inline with the mandrel so that you have up to 28″ of weld length in one pass. The characteristics of the weld are determined by three different variables. Those are: Time, Pressure, and Current. Time is going to be the speed at which the material passes through the wheels in the case of a resistance seam welding application. Pressure is the force which is applied through the wheels to squeeze the two sheets together. Current is the amount of welding power supplied by the transformers and outputted to the wheels. This machine works well for customers whose parts overlap and are lightweight enough for the operator to hold. This machine also works well with mesh material for those customers making filter baskets and pouches.

This machine is being offered in its current condition.

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