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15 Inch Jetline Steel Coil End Seam Welder

  • Part #: S121204

15 Inch Jetline Steel Coil End Seam Welder

  • 18” total welding/clamping length capacity
  • This seamer was used to plasma weld steel coils together
  • Precision screw driven carriage with Jetline 9627 control
  • 2” vertical and 2” horizontal manual torch adjustment slides
  • 4” vertical pneumatic torch lifter
  • Continuous copper tipped aluminum fingers
  • Gas purged back up bar
  • Cable track
  • Thermal Arc Ultima 150 Plasma welding system
  • Accucutter 3001 manual bench shear
  • Shear capacity is .015 steel and .040 aluminum
  • Dual plate alignment fingers
  • Alignment table to align sheet sides
  • Table is horizontally adjustable depending on the sheet width
  • Seamer and power supply roll on V-groove track with 7’ of travel
  • 115/ 200-460 volt
  • Serial # 080005

With the optional bench shear, this 15 inch Jetline coil end seam welder is the perfect addition to your coil fed operation. This machine can be rolled into position to handle the joining of the exiting coil to the new coil, then rolled out of the way to allow production to continue. By including the shear with this package, this machine becomes a single point solution to allow a fast fusion of your coils while reducing down time an virtually eliminating wasted material. Equipped with a plasma welding power supply, plate alignment devices, right angle sheet alignment guides and a screw driven carriage, this machine is all about precision welding. A gas purged backing bar provides a clean welding environment on back  side of the weld joint to reduce the chances of sugaring and oxide contamination. The copper tipped aluminum fingers wick away any excess heat thereby minimizing the chances of distortion.

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