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14 ft. Internal Flat Sheet Weld Seamer by Pandjiris

  • Part #: S150608

14 ft Internal Flat Sheet Weld Seamer Pandjiris

  • Pandjiris Model 168I/50FS
  • 174″ total welding/clamping length capacity
  • 50″ minimum internal diameter capacity
  • .020 – 3/8″ material thickness capacity
  • .1 to 100 IPM variable speed Model OM-48 rack & pinion driven carriage
  • 2′ manual vertical & horizontal torch adjusters
  • Water cooled mandrel
  • Cable tray to carry all cables
  • Serial #n/a
  • Shipping weight: 16,000 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions: 24′ long x 5′ wide x 5′ high

This 14 ft Pandjiris seam welder is designed to complete the internal welds on tank sections or it can used to weld flat sheet together. The design of bed allows for a tight radius to be wrapped around the welding equipment. By wrapping a shell around the welding equipment, an arc can take place inside a tank or vessel. A number of our customers choose to weld their root pass from the inside of the tank. This allows them to do back grinding and gouging outside of the vessel where personnel are not in a confined space.  This seam welder will accommodate diameters as small as 50″. The fingers on this particular seam welder are special design the Pandjiris came up with to provide a greater clamping force. This additional clamping pressure is designed to hold difficult materials that may otherwise move under the heat of a welding arc and overcome the clamping pressure of a traditional seam welder. This machine has an extended carriage surface which was designed to carry two separate arc types. This machine was previously equipped with a Hobart MIG (GMAW) and a Hobart TIG (GTAW) system. We can install one or two welding arc processes on the machine to complete the root and any fill or cap passes required to complete your vessel and tank welding needs.

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