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10 ft. Flat Plate Cylinder Cloos Seam Welder

  • Part #: S130906P

10 ft Flat Plate Cylinder Cloos Seam Welder

  • 120” total welding/clamping length capacity
  • 20” minimum inside diameter
  • 54” maximum outside diameter
  • Cloos MIG welding package includes: GLC 503 Quinto power supply
  • CK 78 DISD control
  • Hydraulic tilting mandrel
  • Powered rotation mandrel to change copper backing bar profiles
  • 2 Roller top hydraulic lift tables with pneumatic lifting arms (32” x 100” and 58” x 85”)
  • Foot pedal controlled pneumatic mandrel latch
  • Pneumatic torch alignment and adjustment
  • Control console mounted to arm
  • Gas purge back-up bar
  • Serial #N/A

This 10 ft Flat Plate Cylinder Cloos Seam Welder is fully equipped with features not often found in a seam welding machine. This package comes complete with two roller top hydraulic lift platforms and a tilting and rotating mandrel. This machine also has a pneumatically operated mandrel latch and plate alignment device. This machine is designed to weld flat sheet material as well as cylinders. The mandrel comes equipped with two copper backing bars. These bars can be rotated into position when material thicknesses change or when switching between flat sheet and cylindrical tank shells. The mandrel has another unique feature which is the ability to tilt. The mandrel is mounted to a pivoting point in the mainstay of the positioner and is actuated with a hydraulic cylinder. This allows the mandrel to drop away from the bed and offers greater room to easily load and unload sheet material. This seam welder also comes equipped with a gas purged backing bar.

This machine, as with all inventory we rebuild, comes complete with a warranty. We also offer training here in our facility at no cost to you. You can choose to buy this or any of our machines in the as-is condition. We just encourage you to come to our facility and inspect the machine before doing so.

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