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Pandjiris Gantry Style 11 foot Planisher

  • Part #: PL170205P

Pandjiris Gantry Style 11 foot Planisher

  • 132” total planishing length
  • 9”-38” external diameter capacity with current base
  • Material thickness capacity: .005”-1/4” (mild steel & aluminum) .005”-3/16” (stainless)
  • 1” wheel face, ½” gap for part loading
  • Up to 20,000 lbs. of planishing pressure
  • Variable speed rack & pinion driven carriage from 1 to 260 IPM
  • Mounted controls for forward/reverse carriage travel at both ends of Planisher.
  • Foot pedal for pressure control
  • Mandrel hard stop ring for adjustable part length
  • Festooning for cable management
  • Shipping dimensions: 20’ long x 4 ½” wide x 8’ high
  • Shipping weight: 8,000 lbs.

The Pandjiris Gantry Style 11 foot Planisher utilizes a gantry with a variable speed rack & pinion carriage to planish up to 132” in length. Planishing is a quick inexpensive solution for removing weld build up and improving surface finish. The Pandjiris Gantry Style Planisher has a mild steel and aluminum thickness capacity of .005” to ¼” and a stainless steel thickness capacity of .005” to 3/16”. This Planisher is available for either as-is or rebuilt purchase; call a sales associate today for pricing information at 800-288-9414 to find out more about this machine.

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