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Airline Universal Combination Gantry Planisher

  • Part #: PL140927

Airline Universal Combination Gantry Planisher

  • Model 41372CQ
  • 3” minimum diameter capacity
  • 36” maximum diameter capacity
  • 3 mandrels: 2 ¾”, 6” and 10”
  • 2 ¾” mandrel rolls in on travel car
  • Swing away arm to move larger mandrels out of the way
  • Swivel planishing head to do both longitudinal and circumferential
  • 2 extra sets of rollers, 1 flat, 1 dome
  • 460 volt – 3 phase
  • Serial #R1098
  • Shipping weight: 12’ long x 6’ wide x 8’ high

This lightly used Airline Universal Combination Gantry Planisher is designed to do just about any size or type of part. A very complete, one of a kind, weld planisher system. Not only a longitudinal weld planisher, it has the capability of doing circumferential weld planishing as well. With a pressure head that can rotate 90 degrees, and an interchangeable mandrel, this machine can perform planishing tasks on a circular part. You can also remove the mandrel completely and planish weld seams on small diameter parts with the included gantry system. This gantry system allows the operator to load a small tube onto 3″ mandrel which is mounted onto a rolling cart. The cart is positioned under the pressure roller and is automatically advanced by the rotating head. This planisher uses a hardened wheel and backing bar to flatten the weld bead. You get several benefits by applying high pressure to the welded seam. The first of these is a lower weld bead profile height this allows the material to pass through a sheet fed system easier without binding. The second benefit is planishing acts as a stress relieving process. This post weld stress relief makes the weld seam more ductile so that further bending and manipulation of the material can be done without the material fracturing at the seam. The third benefit is that a planished weld seam is stronger than a seam that has had no post weld treatment. This is a result of high pressure wheel realigning the crystalline structure of the weld seam thus returning the properties of the base material to the weld joint.  This complete planishing system which was lightly used in a aerospace lab for testing. If your company is looking for a welding planisher for any and all applications, then this Universal Combination Gantry Planisher is this system for your shop. Call 800-288-9414 to find out more about this incredible machine.

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