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Tri Tool OD Pipe Beveler

  • Part #: TRI 604SB

New Tri Tool OD Pipe Beveler

  • Model 604 SB
  • 2” to 4” (60.3 to 114.3mm), max wall 1.50” (38.1mm)Pneumatic
  • Electric Power
  • Counterbore Module
  • Socket Weld Removal
  • Adjustable O.D. mounting system
  • Cold cutting-No Heat Affected Zones
  • Enclosed drive gears for safety and ease of maintenance
  • Re-positionable motor mount
  • Extended capabilities with additional machining accessories
  • Sever and bevel simultaneously
  • Preparation on carbon steel, low alloy, chrome, chrome/molly, stainless, inconel, copper, aluminum and copper nickel
  • Additional models available for larger pipe diameters
  • Check out Tri Tool for additional information 

This Tri Tool OD Pipe Beveler can bevel 2″ to 4″ diameter pipe. The small SB clamshells are used in a wide variety of applications. Common applications include, tube and pipe production as well as maintenance in power and processing plants. Furthermore, models are available to accommodate larger diameter pipe. In addition, the SB clamshells offer machining accessories for socket weld removal and counterboring. The ease of used and dependability has made this unit the favorite of plant maintenance, welding, and production!

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