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2018 MG M3015 C/RR Plate Roll

  • Part #: FAB230902P

2018 MG M3015 C/RR Plate Roll, 10′ x 1/2″

  • Work Length of 122” 
  • 1/2″ Thickness Capacity
  • Reduced Top Roller Diameter: 9.4”
  • Bottom Roll Diameter: 10.6”
  • Side Roll Diameter: 8.3” 
  • Working Height at 37”
  • Plate Roll Dimensions: 184” x 56.3”
  • Installed Power: 10 HP
  • CNC Controlled with EVO touch command digital touch screen
    • 15″ display
    • Automatic and manual movements of the axes
    • Digital position displays
    • Digital display of the signals
    • Reset axes when starting a new process
    • Manual and automatic processing
    • Creation of self’ learning programs
    • Creation of programs in auto-calculation
    • I/O diagnostics
    • Network connection directly on the CNC
  • Approximate Machine Weight: 16,000lbs 
  • Drive System is Directly Splined on the Roll Shaft
  • Maximum Speed: 5 Meters Per Minute 
  • Rolls are made of C45 Alloy Steel

This 2018 MG M3015 C/RR Plate Roll is in good shape and ready to be added to production. The MG s.r.l. Four Roll Plate Benders are the easiest to operate plate bending machines in the market – thanks to their ability to pinch the plate between the 2 central driven rolls, pre-bend the leading edge, and rolling the body of the part along with the trailing edge all in one direction and in one pass. The plate is kept square, without slipping, during both pre-bending and rolling cycles because of the constant clamping of the bottom and top rolls. This makes our four roll machine perfectly suited to be controlled by a NC or CNC control.

The ultimate evolution in the plate bending field. Two dragging rolls with hydraulic pinching granting a steady and precise material dragging. This plate bending machine is the easiest, the most versatile, most precise, and the quickest machine the market can offer. All parts are selected among the best brands in the world to grant: Precision, Long-Life and Versatility.

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