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Used Cypress Circle Welder System

  • Part #: C140916

Used Cypress Circle Welder System

  • 10” to 50” diameter capacity
  • .2 to 2.2 variable speed IPM
  • 7” cam slide manual adjustment
  • 18” horizontal manual adjustment slide
  • 2 roll feed head
  • Lincoln LN-8F squirt welder (SN# 41971103979) Code 9962
  • 115 volt
  • Serial #B981224
  • Shipping dimensions: 4’ long x 4’ wide x 5 ½’ high
  • Shipping weight 490 lbs.

Looking for a simple automated circle welding system? We have just the machine your are looking for! This Cypress circle welder system. This used system has been refurbished and is ready to ship! It’s perfect for welding on tanks, pipe and other various types of vessels. Instead of bringing the part to your shop, this welder allows you to go to the part for increased productivity. Let Weld Plus help you get the most out of your equipment!

We encourage you to come to our facility and get a firsthand look at the machines you are interested in purchasing.  We will make every effort to accommodate your needs.  Many machines can be inspected under power in our warehouse. Weld Plus offers simple, practical solutions to welding automation.  Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is standing by and waiting to assist you with all your welding equipment and machinery needs!  Contact the Weld Plus Sales Team at 800-288-9414 for details on how this tilt turning roll set can increase your welding productivity while reducing your costs.

If you’re interested in this product, please click “Add to Quote” above and then click on “View Quote” at the top of the page to submit your inquiry.  If you have any immediate questions about this or any other product, please call us at 513-941-4411 and we will gladly help.  Thanks for considering Weld Plus, your source for welding equipment and machinery.

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