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Cypress Three Jaw Expandable Chuck

  • Part #: C140918

Cypress Three Jaw Expandable Chuck

  • Model CWO-3663
  • Minimum diameter 16”
  • Maximum diameter 47”
  • Dimensions: 2’ x 2’ x 2’
  • Works with models CW-5AX or larger

This Cypress three jaw expandable chuck is used in conjunction with the CW-5AX/CW-7/CW-11 circle welders. This chuck will automatically center the circle welder on your part for a precise weld right where you want it. Designed to grip inside man-ways, ports, and nozzles so that the welding torch can travel around the outside perimeter of the pipe for welding. The grippers have lip which will sit on top of the flange opening to maintain proper travel. This is a self centering device to ensure proper alignment. Purchase this needed addition to your circle welder today or contact us to have it rebuilt. Huge savings over new!! Call us today at 800-288-9414 to have this Cypress expandable chuck painted to match your shop! We do it all here at Weld Plus to help you get the job done!

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