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Cypress Model CW116 Circle Welder

  • Part #: C161121

Cypress Model CW116 Circle Welder

  • 10” to 50” diameter capacity
  • .06-.72 RPM variable speed
  • 0” to 7” cam adjustment
  • 18” of vertical and 21” of horizontal adjustment
  • Adjustable torch angle
  • 30’ control cables
  • Welding Equipment Includes: Lincoln model LN-8F wire feeder, Lincoln flux hopper and Lincoln DC-600 power supply.
  • Includes a pipe fixture for 7” to 19” I.D. diameter
  • All equipment can be mounted on a welder cart for easy storage
  • 460 volt
  • Shipping Dimensions: 5’ long x 4’ wide x 8’ high
  • Shipping weight: 1,100 lbs.

This Cypress Model CW116 Circle Welder is designed for welding of nozzles into vessels or domed heads utilizing the submerged-arc process. A 3-jaw chuck is included to grip internally from 7” to 19” I.D. diameter pipe. The circle welder also comes equipped with Lincoln Sub-Arc equipment:  LN-8F wire feeder, Flux hopper and DC-600 power supply. The power supply has installed running gear and a mount for the circle welder, making the system portable and easily stored. Horizontal and vertical slides are mounted to the welding head that provide 21” x 18” adjustment for the welding torch. This Cypress Model CW-116 Circle Welder is a perfect fit for any pressure vessel manufacturer who is looking for a way to automate the welding of nozzles.

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