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Weldlogic TIG Welding Automation System

  • Part #: WS702002

Weldlogic TIG Welding Automation System

  • Weldlogic 200 lb. capacity positioner with a 12” capacity chuck integrated with a Weldlogic complete GTAW welding system
  • Welding system includes a Weldlogic AWS-2000 power supply
  • Weldlogic cold wire feeder
  • Weldlogic arc length control
  • Weldlogic weld oscillator and pendant control for programming all functions
  • 230 volt
  • Serial #9914760

The Weldlogic TIG Welding Automation System is used to increase your welding shop’s precision and speed. This Weldlogic system is built with the capability of maintaining a specific tip to work distance. This is done through the integrated Arc Length Controller (ALC). The arc voltage is measured throughout the weld process which directly correlates to the torch’s height. By moving the torch up and down as necessary to maintain this, the arc energy impacting the work surface is consistent. This ensures that the weld penetration and quality are the same throughout. In addition to the ALC, the system also has an integrated cold wire feeder. The wire feeder presents the filler under the welding arc automatically during the weld cycle. The operation of this is controlled through the computer interface so that feed rates and times can be specified by the operator. The system also includes an oscillator which moves the torch in sweeping motion to increase weld bead path. By increasing the weld path, the system is able to tie in both side of the weld joint more completely and distribute filler material more evenly. All of these functions are integrated into the main console which allow the operator to precisely control all aspects of the weld process including current and travel.

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