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Weldline Miller GTAW Circle Welding System

  • Part #: WS604010

Weldline Miller GTAW Circle Welding System

  • Weldline automation model WA-2 200 lb. capacity positioner
  • 3 jaw scroll chuck with a ½” to 16” capacity
  • 6” Weldline arc length control
  • Weldline weld sequence control
  • Weldline cold wire feeder
  • 4” manual cross slide and rotary slide
  • Welding equipment includes a Miller XMT-304 inverter power supply
  • Miller HF-251d-1 high frequency arc starter
  • Miller PC-300 pulse control
  • Tweco TC900 water circulator
  • Weldcraft WP-27 500 amp water cooled TIG torch Serial # N/A

The Weldline Miller GTAW Circle Welding System is designed to be a simple solution for circle welding requirements. While being a simple system, the machine also comes with some very nice features. The unit includes a bench top rotary positioner with a scroll chuck and a side beam. The first great feature is the integration of the variable speed capabilities of the positioner with automatic arc start. The scroll chuck is a small body unit with arm extensions. The arm extensions allow the chuck to grip up to 16″ diameter. Lastly, the side beam has a manual spotting carriage so that the welding equipment can be positioned anywhere within the positioner’s 16″ diameter capacity.

In addition, the welding equipment includes a 300 amp power supply, high frequency arc starter, arc length control, and cold wire feeder. The power supply is a Miller XMT-304 unit with 300 amps available output. The torch can start with out work contact with the high frequency arc starter. The arc length control maintains a consistent tip to work distance. The cold wire feeder adds filler material under the torch during the weld process.  The weld torch is on a pair of cross slides offer fine adjustment of torch location. In addition the torch is on a rotating slide. Therefore this allows the torch to be put at an angle to best suit the joint configuration.

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