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UNI-BUG III from Bug-O Self Guided Welding Tractor

  • Part #: WS100613

UNI BUG III Self Guided Welding System

  • Stitch welder and cutting system
  • Variable speed 4 to 75 IPM
  • Will run on a 6” radius and larger
  • Produces stitch and continuous welds
  • Programmable by distance
  • Used for cutting straight and custom shapes
  • Includes NEW single gun welding kit (Bug-1855)
  • Serial #0320205
  • Shipping dimensions: 12” long x 12” wide x 12”high
  • Shipping weight: 35 lbs.

The UNI BUG III from Bug-O is a self-guided system that requires no separate track to run. The tractor is designed to attach to your part in a number of different ways. Whether your part is straight, round, or has irregular curves, the Uni-Bug is equipped to handle it. This particular UNI BUG III has the ability to stitch weld or run continuously. The stitch welds are based on distance traveled instead of time. This makes for a more uniform product and ensures that the weld parameters are maintained regardless of speed. This machine works well for those making structural beams and can be used for pre-tacking before final weld out on heavy I-beams. The tractor can also be used for your plasma and flame cutting needs. This uni-bug is equipped with the flat bar kit which allows it to ride along the edge of steel bar. There are other kits available for this machine that allow it to run on T profiles, angles, and bulb profiles.

Find out more about this machine and its capabilities from the manufacturer’s brochure here

Do you have questions about how to run the machine? Find the operator’s manual and parts list here

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