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UNI-BUG III Programmable Stitch Welder

  • Part #: BUG-UNI-III

UNI BUG III Programmable Stitch Welder

  • Stitch welder with 5 different kits
  • Common applications include: Straight Line welding, Fillet welding, Coaming welding, Irregular shape welding and circle welding
  • Programmable by distance
  • Speed range: 4 to 75 IPM
  • Skip speed: 75 IPM
  • Minimum Stiffener Height: 2”
  • Options Include:
    • “T” profile 4”-6” welding kit
    • BULB profile welding kit
    • Angle profile welding kit
    • Single torch kit for welding
    • Dual torch kit for welding
    • Carriages for straight line welding
  • 120/240 VAC, 50-60hz, single phase
  • Shipping weight: 36.5 lbs.

The UNI BUG III Programmable Stitch Welder is designed to make continuous or intermittent stitch welds. This machine will mount and run directly on the workpiece in a variety of different kits. Each kit is designed to fit on a specific steel profile such as flat bar, angle, channel, I-beams and bulb flats (holland profiles). The Bug-O UNI-BUG III can be outfitted with a single torch or a dual torch set up. The UNI-BUG III is a cost effective solution to straight line welding automation.

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