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Stellite Starweld Plasma Arc Transfer

  • Part #: PS810027

Stellite Starweld Plasma Arc Transfer

  • Starweld Plasma Arc Transfer System Stellite Coatings
  • System includes a Stellite Starweld II power supply console
  • Gas control panel
  • X,Y and Z motorized slide assembly
  • Torch oscillator
  • Torch angle assembly
  • Variable speed headstock with pneumatic tailstock assembly
  • Center support roller assembly
  • Control pendant with touch screen
  • Refrigerated torch water cooler
  • Model KK-2 powder feeder
  • Model 600 torch
  • Complete cable and hose package
  • Sold new in 2000 for over $238,000

Great Condition! 

This Stellite Starweld Plasma Arc Transfer is for handling small round part with the integrated welding lathe. In addition, the Stellite torch is on a series of programmable slides which can move in a certain pattern. Therefore this allows the spray torch to completely coat the part in the lathe. The slides consist of two X axis, one Y axis and one Z axis. The two X axis have 38″ and 10″ of movement. The Y axis has 10″ of movement and the Z axis has 12″ of movement. The lathe headstock features a scroll chuck for part or tooling holding. While the tailstock features an air clamping cylinder. If it is necessary for your application, the lathe can be removed to handle larger and longer parts.

Stellite is a hard facing material which is designed to improve the wear resistance and durability of items. These parts typically see highly abrasive conditions where your typical steels cannot survive. With this machine the material is applied using the PAW (Plasma) process and feeding the Stellite material in under the arc where it is melted and fuses with the base material. Lastly, this machine is in excellent condition and is ready to handle your next spray coating process.

Find out more about Plasma Transferred Arc here from Stellite Coatings.

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