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Sidebeam Headstock Welding System

  • Part #: WS170501

Sidebeam Headstock Welding System

  • Pandjiris/Aronson PBT 15/240
  • New in 2009
  • Just Came out of service everything works nicely
  • 15” to 240” length capacity
  • Free standing sidebeam with 4 stanchions & 9’ long steel feet
  • Fixed Height of 7’ to the bottom of the beam
  • Pandjiris VSC 40-12 variable speed rack & pinion carriage from 6 to 180 IPM
  • This heavy duty sidebeam and carriage system is rated for 4,000 lbs. @ 12” (vs standard size of 1,500 lbs. @ 3”)
  • Pandjiris EZ link carriage control & Weld Plus integrated control for controlling all functions
  • Pandjiris 121P 12” x 12” powered cross slides (2 ea.) w/joy stick control
  • Cable tray for proper cable management
  • Aronson HS-15 headstock (15,000 lb. capacity) with Pandjiris 30” model “A” chuck
  • Aronson PTR 10 steel wheels idler roll rated for 10,000 lb. load, adjustable for diameter ranges of 2” thru 48” with 8” of height adjustment
  • PTR 10 is mounted on cart with 20’ of track to allow for adjustability of roller placement
  • Currently equipped with two Powerwave AC/DC 1000 welding packages, Powerfeed 10A controls & Powerfeed 10S heads, both units controlled from centralized WPI Control system
  • Two Weld Engineering AP-1 flux recovery systems with pneumatic suction for flux pick-up
  • Shipping Dimensions: 45’ long x 8’ wide x 4’ high
  • Serial #17379E00

This Pandjiris/Aronson Sidebeam Headstock Welding System was first sold by Weld Plus to a local customer in 2009. Because Weld Plus has been involved in service and maintenance of this equipment since its start-up, it is in excellent condition. Therefore this machine could go to work for you in a short period of time. This system could be used for longitudinal welds as well as Circumferential welds. In addition there are two Lincoln Electric Sub-Arc systems integrated into this welding package. This machine is a must see!!! Call today to schedule a visit to inspect this machine. Our facility is located along the banks of the Ohio River, close to the Greater Cincinnati Airport!

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