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Pipe Welding System Pandjiris Hot-Wire TIG

  • Part #: WS509001
  • Condition: Used

Pipe Welding System Pandjiris Hot Wire TIG Welding Package

  • Pandjiris 4×4 weld manipulator
    • Power elevation
    • Variable speed reach
    • Powered mast rotation
    • Pendant control for all functions
  • Pandjiris travel car
    • Variable speed travel
    • 50′ of machined rail track
    • Linear ground assembly – (through track)
  • (2) Pandjiris HS-20PE-VS headstocks
    • Variable speed rotation
    • Power adjustable center line height
  • (2) sets of pipe supports
    • Steel wheel idlers
    • Manual spotting cars
    • 50′ of track
  • Jetline Hotwire TIG welding system
    • Jetline 9500 master control
    • Jetline linear oscillator
    • Jetline hot wire power supply
    • Jetline hot wire feeder and control
    • Miller 450 amp CC power supply
    • Miller high frequency arc starter
  • Complete hot wire TIG pipe welding station that includes a Pandjiris 4’ x 4’ manipulator on travel car
  • Two Pandjiris HS-20PE-VS headstocks with TJ-20 chucks
  • Pandjiris pipe supports on manual travel cars
  • Miller/Jetline welding package and a complete set of 50’ tracks

This is a complete Pipe Welding System Pandjiris Hot Wire TIG for stainless pipe welding applications. The system is ready for rebuilding and can be contoured for your pipe shop welding fabrication requirements. This system is built around a combination of a manipulator and two headstocks. These headstocks have adjustable centerline heights so that each side can be setup for a different diameter. The manipulator is mounted to a powered travel car. This provides linear movement down the length of the pipe welding station. The manipulator is also equipped with a powered mast rotation so that the torch can easily swing from one side to the other. The true benefit of this system comes from the unique Hot Wire TIG system. Hot wire TIG is a process in which the filler material is electrically heated before entering into the weld puddle. This enables the filler material to go into melt much faster. This allows the machine to run as faster wire feed speeds which translates into a faster weld joint fill. By heating the wire electrically, the energy required to put the filler into melt is greatly reduced. This allows the energy from the welding arc to be used for puddle formation and joint fusion. The hot wire TIG process, although unique, is very useful for a variety of applications. We have clients that use this process for pipe weld joints or for overlay of special materials like Inconel and other Nickle-Chrome alloys.

To appreciate this system we encourage customers to visit our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio for the system inspection and consultation on how this unique pipe welding system Pandjiris Hot Wire TIG can increase your automated pipe welding productivity. Contact Weld Plus at 800-288-9414 for details. We look forward to hearing from you!

Pipe Welding System Pandjiris Hot Wire TIG

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