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Pandjiris Mig Pipe Welding Station System

  • Part #: WS190805

Pandjiris Mig Pipe Welding Station System

  • Pandjiris 4’ x 4’ Manipulator with powered rotation on a motorized Travel Car
  • 2 each Pandjiris HS-20PE-VS Headstocks with 2,000 lb capacity
  • 2 each TJ-20 Chucks with 40” bar extensions 
  • 6 each Pandjiris Pipe Supports on Manual Travel Cars
  • Millermatic Weld Oscillator
  • Cyclomatic Seam Tracking System 
  • Complete set of 50’ Tracks, one 50’ section for each Headstock, and one 50’ section for the manipulator
  • Aluminum MIG Welding Package Includes: 
    • Fronius TPS 4000 MIG Inverter Power Supply 
    • Wire Feeder
    • Water Circulator  
    • Fronius 400 amp Water Cooled Push Pull MIG gun for Aluminum
    • Fronius Remote Control for adjusting amps, wire feed speed, and volts at the weld
  • Additional riser to raise Headstock to be able to weld 44” diameter tubes
  • Rebuilt in 2009. Still in great condition! 

This Pandjiris Mig Pipe Welding Station System is an efficient way to weld two different sizes of aluminum pipes. In other words, this system allows the operator to load a piece of pipe on one headstock, while a weld is being performed on the other headstock. Therefore, this feature eliminates downtime and increases production. In addition, the controls are conveniently mounted on one end of the boom. The wire reels have built in springs, therefore, keeping constant tension on the cables and preventing loose wires that could get caught up in the travel car.

This Pandjiris Pipe Welding System is in great condition and ready to be put into service! Call 800-288-9414 for more information or to schedule a visit to inspect this system. We are located along the banks of the Ohio River in Cincinnati. You can also email our sales staff at sales@weldplus.com for additional information on this or any of our welding machines.

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