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Magnatech Pipemaster 515 Orbital Welder

  • Part #: WS210503P

Used Magnatech Pipemaster 515 Orbital Welder

  • Weld Process: GTAW (TIG)
  • Multi-pass welding of pipes/tubes/tube sheets
  • Full function capability (torch rotation, filler wire feed, electronic arc gap control, electronic oscillation)
  • Stores 100 weld programs internally 
  • Unique auto-programming for multi-pass welding
  • Maximum output: 200 A
  • Output at 100% duty cycle 125A 
  • Open circuit voltage: 80V
  • Input voltage: 115V-230V 
  • Serial # PM515CB5011
  • Pipemaster Brochure
  • Complete Package Includes:
    • Cart with storage drawers and wheels for easy transportation
    • Magnatech Orbital D-Head with 24′ lead
    • Water circulator
    • Hand pendant controller with 24′ cable
    • Spare TIG consumables
    • Regulator and gas hose

2 ea. Packages Available! 

This Magnatech Pipemaster 515 Orbital Welder operates a range of weld heads designed for multi-pass welding. In addition, the unit has a digital design with unparalleled accuracy, repeatability and reliability. The system is easy to program and can store up to 100 welding programs. A rolling cart with storage drawers is included to allow the operator to easy transport the system from station to station. In conclusion, this package is outfitted with everything you need for orbital welding.

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