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Jetline Stellite Overlay System Long Length

  • Part #: WS412001

Jetline Stellite Overlay System Long Length

  • Jetline TKK-24 precision screw drive (1-1/2” screw) side beam with 24” travel
  • Heavy duty 9-1/2” power vertical slide
  • 8” of z axis manual slide
  • Long rod feeder with adjustable diameter guide
  • Miller oscillator with center line steering
  • Overall dimensions of portable side beam assembly – 76” high, 63” wide, 60” long
  • System includes miller 300 AMP Syncrowave welder and TIG torch

A unique system, the Jetline Stellite Overlay System achieves a long length range by utilizing a manual spotting travel car. This travel car allows the entire system to index down the length of the part. Stellite is a hard-facing material which is used on products and parts to improve the wear resistance and durability of items which see highly abrasive conditions where your typical mild and stainless steels cannot survive. These products include but are limited to construction equipment, crushers, mill rolls, bearing surfaces and pipes for transferring slurry material.  Using the TIG (GTAW) process and feeding the Stellite material in under the arc it melts and fuses with the base material. This great package includes rebuilding with the existing equipment or installing a welding process to suit your own needs.

This machine, as with all the inventory we rebuild comes with a warranty. We also offer training here in our facility at no cost to you. You can choose to buy this or any of our machines in the as-is condition. We just encourage you to come to our facility and inspect the machine before doing so. This is a complete overlay system for your hard facing application.

We have all types, designs and sizes of side beam carriage welding system for tank welding or hard facing overlay like the Jetline Stellite Overlay System Long Length system located at Weld Plus in Cincinnati, Ohio

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