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Jetline Cold Wire TIG Welding System

  • Part #: WS999001

Jetline Cold Wire TIG Welding System

  • Jetline ZB-100 positioner on movable screw drive base
  • Complete with HW-500SS welder
  • Auto controls
  • Cross slides
  • Floor standing base

The Jetline Cold Wire TIG Welding System is a combination hard automated welding system. This system uses a Linde Union Carbide welding control package with Jetline ZB-100 welding positioner for the rotation. The manual slide allows the positioner to be movable under the torch. The screw drive base is adjustable. The side beam torch is adjustable by manual slides. These Linde slides give the torch 6″ of movement in the X and Y axis. The complete system is on a free standing work bench. The bench table height is manually adjustable. In addition, each leg has locking pins in it to secure it. Also the system features a Linde cold wire feed unit. The cold wire feeder includes a two roll feed motor and a J-governor style control.

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